Exercise at The Office, 5 Business Benefits of an On-Site Gym

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HUB26 Offices Exercise at The Office, 5 Business Benefits of an On-Site Gym

Looking for a way to improve morale, reduce workplace stress and boost productivity in the office?

Exercise could be the answer.

As an employer, promoting a healthy workplace is in your best interests. Not only does encouraging your employees to exercise help them to live a healthier and happier life, but working out also has many positive impacts upon the workplace and consequently your bottom line.

This isn't always as easy as it seems. Work, family and social commitments can make it difficult for your employees to incorporate a daily workout into their routine. Only a third of workers manage to exercise once or twice a week because they struggle to find the time.  

However, when you find an office space to rent with exercising facilities on-site it’s easy to integrate physical activity into the structure of the working day.

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In this edition of our office space to rent series, we explore 5 benefits that your business could enjoy when working from an office complex that has on-site exercising facilities.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Improve work-life balance
  2. Boost productivity
  3. Lower workplace stress
  4. Reduce absenteeism
  5. Employee retention


Maintaining a positive work-life balance is hugely important when it comes to enjoying a healthy lifestyle so we’ll start here…


1. Improve work-life balance


Finding an office space to rent with an onsite gym encourages a healthy lifestyle and helps your employees to manage a positive work-life balance.

With the option for your employees to work out before work, after work or during their lunch break, time-strapped employees can fit regular exercise into their busy schedule without compromising it. This also creates a well needed break away from their desks in the working day. 


2. Boost productivity


Significant evidence exists to support the claim that regular exercise boosts productivity, some employers have even noted a 72% improvement in productivity from employees who work out daily.

Working out is directly linked to enhanced creativity, quicker learning, sharper memory and improved concentration. Exercise can also enhance your mood, which obviously has a direct impact on workplace performance.


3. Lower workplace stress


Most, if not all, businesses can be high-pressured environments at times, and this can easily lead to stress. Stress not only harms the health of your employees but their job satisfaction as well.

Implementing exercise into the working day is one of the most effective ways of reducing stress. Working out releases norepinephrine hormones, which are able to reduce stress, enhance mood and better brain function.


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4. Reduce absenteeism


Did you know 83% of companies who’ve added aspects of health and fitness into their workday have seen a decrease in sickness absence as a result?

Regular exercise keeps people healthy and less vulnerable to common illnesses, which results in better productivity and reduced absenteeism. In turn, reduced absenteeism lowers employee turnover rates; a win-win.


5. Employee retention  


Retaining employees is considered to be one of the biggest challenges employers face today. The costs of employee turnover are increasingly high, some studies claim that every time a business replaces an employee it can cost up to 6 to 9 months’ salary on average.

Finding an office space to rent that offers access to an on-site gym can be extremely powerful in retaining employees. This not only increases the attractiveness of your business, but creates a competitive edge which employees can't find elsewhere. 


Final note from HUB26


At HUB26 we realise exercise can be the key to staying productive, keeping a positive mindset and looking after overall wellbeing. That’s why all of our HUB26 residents receive complimentary memberships with FIT26; our state-of-the-art on-site gym.  


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