Never Miss a Parcel, 3 Reasons to Rent an Office With a Mail Service

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HUB26 Offices Never Miss a Parcel, 3 Reasons to Rent an Office With a Mail Service

Struggling to juggle the demands of your business, employees and finances, with sorting out important mail?

You’re not alone. In the world of same-day delivery, many businesses in the UK struggle to find time to organise important parcels and letters too, especially with everything else they're expected to manage.

Finding an office space to rent that offers a mail service can change this. With a mail service, all your important post is taken care of. Mail can be held for you to collect or forwarded onto your office so that you don’t have to take time out of the working day to manage it – how convenient!

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In this edition of our office space to rent series, we explore 3 important benefits of finding a workspace with a mail service offering.

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  1. Focus on your business
  2. Safe and secure
  3. Professional look


Focusing on your business should always be the main priority so we’ll start here…

1. Focus on your business 


As a business owner, you’ll have an idea of how often you'll receive packages and letters (from our experience the answer is probably very regularly). Obviously, taking care of this can take up a significant amount of time and staff resources that you could allocate to more beneficial business needs.

Finding an office space to rent offering a mail service leaves you free from distraction and able to concentrate on growing your business, instead of spending time sorting out important letters and parcels. 



2. Safe and secure 


Missing mail is a nightmare; whether it’s a bank statement, a contract or return, you can't afford for sloppy mail management to result in missed business. When receiving valuable and important mail you need to be confident that it'll be well looked after. 

With a mail service, your mail will be kept safe and secure. When parcels are delivered they’ll be held for you to collect or forwarded onto whenever you are in the building, eliminating the possibility of anything going missing.


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3. Professional look 


Mail services can be extremely helpful for any business, even ones that aren’t office-based. Virtual offices can offer start-ups, freelancers, remote workers, or even digital nomads a dedicated postal address for their business and the option of post forwarding.

Possessing a prestigious business address is an ideal way of enhancing your company’s image. This helps to present your business as professional, reliable and trustworthy, and consequently helps to build trust with your customers. Also, if you’re following up on cold leads an official address offers reassurance that you’re a legitimate business.



Final word from HUB26 


Looking for and office space to rent in West Yorkshire? Let HUB26 take care of your important post with our members-only mail service. We can either hold your mail for you to collect or forward it to wherever you are in the building. Likewise, with a virtual office, you'll get a dedicated postal address for your business and the option of post forwarding.

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