Location is Critical When Finding an Office Space to Rent (4 Reasons)

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HUB26 Offices Location is Critical When Finding an Office Space to Rent (4 Reasons)

You’ve probably heard the phrase “location, location, location” before.

That mantra typically applies to home values, as the proximity to schools, supermarkets and work are key when choosing a house to live in. Clearly location is critical for homeowners, but the same also applies to business owners. 

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that location is only relevant to hospitality and retail businesses, however, this is not the case; location is key no matter what sort of business you operate and shouldn't be underestimated.

Even in the days of pandemic-accelerated e-commerce, location still plays a huge role in business operations, overall growth, attracting customers and recruiting new talent.

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In this edition of our office space to rent series, we identify 4 features that you may wish to consider when searching for the perfect location for your new office. 

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  1. Accessibility
  2. Commuting
  3. Parking
  4. Amenities


As an office must be easily accessible for your employees, we’ll start here…

1. Accessibility 


When finding a suitable office space to rent you must consider local transport links, in particular main roads and motorways. With only 36% of the UK driving to work, you must also check if sufficient public transport is available nearby so your employees, clients and visitors won’t have an issue commuting to work. 

If your office is difficult to locate or has very few transport links, this could negatively impact employee retention, recruitment, and client relationships. An office space conveniently located near transport links can appear more attractive to prospective employees.



2. Commuting


Stressful city traffic and inconvenient commutes are major headaches for your workforce and clients alike.

Over a third of employees show up late to work once a month and 50% of them blame heavy traffic and gridlock. Commuting can be hugely stressful, especially when you’re driving long distances and are often stuck in unpredictable traffic.

Of course, you can’t control traffic, but by choosing an office space to rent that avoids inner city gridlocked ares and isn't too far away from where your employees live, your business will enjoy many benefits. Research highlights that people with shorter commutes are healthier and perform better at work.


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3. Parking 


Did you know the average driver in the UK spends an average of 44 hours a year searching for parking? 

On-site parking not only saves your employees and visitors time and daily expenses, but also the stress of finding expensive inner-city parking bays. This added convince for you, your employees and clients can be extremely beneficial and provide you with a competitive advantage. 



4. Amenities 


Choosing an office space to rent in a location with amenities such as banks, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and restaurants nearby is important for prospects, clients, employees and visitors. 

Even if they don’t normally take advantage of this proximity, amenities close by are a 'nice to have'. Having the option to spend time away from the office and eat lunch elsewhere can be a valuable bonus for employees, and can enhance a healthy work-life balance. 



Final note from HUB26


When you’re a resident at HUB26 stressful city centre working and inconvenient commutes are left behind. We’re conveniently located just off the M62, making us easy to access from Bradford, Leeds, and Huddersfield, or even further afield. 

With ample free parking, local amenities nearby such as Premier Inn, Starbucks and Tesco, and being easily to access by public transport, HUB26 could be in the perfect location for your business.



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