3 Perks of Finding an Office Space to Rent With a Staffed Reception

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HUB26 Offices 3 Perks of Finding an Office Space to Rent With a Staffed Reception

Did you know 75% of callers will hang up if they’re sent to voicemail?

Talk about missed opportunities!

Of course we understand that business can be time-consuming, especially in busy periods. However, finding an office space to rent with a manned reception can be a complete game-changer for your business.

From attending phone calls to welcoming your visitors, duties are managed by the reception so that you can concentrate on growing your business. No wonder over the past 20 years receptions have transformed from being a cosmetic afterthought to an integral part of the corporate identity of a business!


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In this edition of our office space to rent series, we explore 3 reasons why searching for a workspace with a manned reception could be a huge hit for your business.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Free from distraction
  2. Layer of professionalism
  3. Cost-effective


Many businesses like to be free from distraction to concentrate on growing their organisation, so we’ll start here…

1. Free from distraction 


Running a business can get overwhelming. The last thing you want is having to concentrate on answering phone calls, welcoming visitors and passing on messages to different members of staff. As you can imagine, this can be very time-consuming.

When you find a workspace with reception facilities, tasks such as attending phone calls, sorting out mail and attending to and welcoming your visitors are taken care of. This leaves you free from distraction and able to concentrate on developing your business.



2. Layer of professionalism 


Looking for a way to add a layer of professionalism to your business? 

A managed reception could be the answer. 

Every employee, visitor, or client will make their first impression of your business based upon the first thing they encounter and if that’s a reception staffed with friendly and helpful faces then you’re already winning. Finding an office space to rent with a manned reception provides your business with a reliable, credible, and professional edge.


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3. Cost-effective 


On average, in the UK it can cost up to £3,000 to recruit a new employee, this isn’t even to mention the hours spent interviewing, sourcing references and managing the selection process.

Finding an office space to rent with a first-class staffed reception saves you the additional costs and time lost when bringing in more employees within your business to take over reception duties.



Final word from HUB26 


At HUB26 all of our residents receive a first-class reception service, situated upon entry to the business centre. We also offer a virtual receptionist if your needs warrant it. Our friendly and professional team will greet and welcome your visitors, making it easy for you to focus entirely on growing as a business. 


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