FIT26 Members Exclusive: 1000 FREE PT Sessions Giveaway!

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Since the nation entered its third national lockdown last Tuesday we've been proactively looking for solutions to help our members navigate what has been the most testing collective 12 months in the country's recent history.

We all know that personal fitness (both mental and physical) is directly connected to resilience and our ability to deal positively with stressful times. The lockdown measures put in place by the government have meant sadly that our doors are closed (for the time being) and therefore access for our members to your first class gym equipment and workout spaces.


Meeting Covid-19 Head-on!

In the first lockdown we utilised the down time to invest in, and redesign FIT26 to include Covid safe colour coded workout zones, enabling our members to workout confidently and safely.

During the second lockdown the science (at the time) suggested that outdoor workouts showed little evidence of transmission. So we quickly moved to develop our external workout zones from phase one to include outdoor classes for when the lockdown measures eased, allowing us to keep inline with our 'HUB' of the community approach. These classes ran successfully throughout November and December coming to an abrupt end with Tuesdays announcement.


FIT26 Announcement!

Identified as one of the NHS's '5 steps to wellbeing' the importance of physical activity to your state of mind cannot be understated, so over the past 4 days we've moved quickly to develop a solution to enhance and compliment our ongoing online FitSense App classes.

We're proud to announce the: FIT26 MEMBERS EXCLUSIVE 1000 FREE PT SESSION GIVEAWAY!

Many will understand that working out on your own often means a lack of motivation and drive. So why not be personally trained (1 to 1) by one of our superstar Personal Trainers in controlled and socially distanced conditions absolutely for FREE! No reason to stop your New Year resolutions and with input from one of our team members you'll be able to make sure you're going in the right direction.


Book your sessions now!

Simply call Ashleigh on 01274 062000 or email

Sessions are available from the 18th Jan 2021.


Here's the key details for you:

  • We have 1000 FREE Personal Training sessions to give away; worth £30,000!
  • Enjoy 1 on 1 outdoor training in a public place or online video sessions with our FIT26 Personal Trainers, the choice is yours.
  • We supply all the equipment required (safe and sanitised).
  • You'll enjoy a wide range of PT styles to help you work towards your goals.
  • Limited to one personal training session per person each week over the next 6 weeks.
  • First come first served, so get booking!


Hitting 2021 Hard with FIT26

As mentioned earlier, to compliment the 1000 FREE PT's giveaway our incredible coaching team will once again be delivering our FitSense 'Lockdown Lessons' online through the App. With whole host of sessions available you be able to enjoy classes such as:
  • HiiT
  • Circuits
  • Buzz Bands
  • Full Body Fusion
  • Fizz Fit (you'll have to provide your own fizz at home)
  • Home Equipment Workouts 
Our team are committed to working hard to help you through these challenging times. Thanks for your courage, commitment and continued support.
Your FIT26 Team!