4 Reasons Why it's Critical For Your Office Space to be Deep Cleaned

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HUB26 Offices 4 Reasons Why it's Critical For Your Office Space to be Deep Cleaned

A high standard of cleanliness and hygiene is always crucial for your business however is now more important than ever due to the current international COVID-19 pandemic.

As an employer, it's paramount to find an office space to rent that prioritises safety so that your team can work safely and in confidence. This not only is to ensure the health and safety of your employees, but also to minimise the risk of illness and transmittable disease.

The benefits of finding a deep cleaned workspace go way beyond the elimination of germs and bacteria. Employees who work in clean workplaces are more productive, happy, and have fewer sick days.

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In this edition of our office space to rent series, we highlight 4 reasons why you need to look for a deep cleaned office space to rent. 

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  1. Protect your employees
  2. Lower absenteeism
  3. Increase productivity
  4. Free from distraction


Employee safety should always come first so we’ll start here…


1. Protect your employees


The health and well-being of your employees should always be a priority and there's no better way to protect your team than with a deep cleaned workspace.

A deep cleaned office can eliminate the potential hazards of hidden germs and help to stop the spread of illness around the workplace. This has never been more critical in-light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.


2. Lower absenteeism


An average of 6.5 days are lost per employee, per year, due to ill health at work; this costs employers £16 billion a year. Absenteeism also has a huge impact on workplace productivity and motivation. 

Offices have long been environments where germs are able to rapidly spread from one person to the next, especially when employees are required to work in close proximity The most effective way of reducing absenteeism is to look for an office space to rent that’s deep cleaned. This helps to reduce pathogens throughout the office and consequently keep your workforce healthy and fighting fit. 


3. Increase productivity


Did you know that 94% of employees claim that they feel more productive in a clean workspace?

No one likes having to work in a dark, cluttered and dirty environment, especially when you spend most of your day in it. A clean, well-ordered working environment makes it easier for workers to be organised, efficient and more productive.


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4. Free from distraction


Unfortunately cleaning can often fall by the wayside, especially in peak workload seasons and when business is thriving. Obviously this can mean missing out on the above mentioned advantages of a deep cleaned office space.

But what if the responsibility for deep cleaning was taken out of your hands?

Finding an office space to rent that takes control of your deep cleaning needs leaves you free from distraction, allowing you to focus on your business and take it to the next level.



Final note from HUB26


At HUB26 we realise how important a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene is to you and your business, especially during the international pandemic. That's why we ensure that all common areas and resident's offices are deep cleaned daily by our in-house residents and cleaning specialists Bright FM Group, to ensure our building is a safe and productive place to work.



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