3 Reasons no Fixed Terms Are Essential For Your Office Space Rental

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HUB26 Office Space to Rent 3 Reasons no Fixed Terms Are Essential For Your Office Space Rental

The past 18 months have taken a huge toll on many businesses across the UK. For many companies, the pandemic has been the toughest problem they’ve ever had to face.

Several lockdowns, staff on furlough, and a reduction in revenue have caused massive changes to the way businesses operate. Most have been challenged with the decisions to pivot to a new business strategy, reconfigure their workforce and even make redundancies.


As restrictions ease, the world is starting to adjust to a new normal. However, for many businesses getting used to the new normal and preparing their workforce for what might be, isn’t as easy as it may seem.


In uncertain times flexibility is key, especially when looking for a new office space to rent. Offices spaces that offer flexible contracts with no fixed terms can help your business to keep a flexible approach, with the option to thrive and expand in the future.



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In this edition of our office space to rent series, we highlight 3 reasons why you should look for no fixed terms when searching for that perfect office space. 


Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  1. Financial commitments 
  2. Flexibility 
  3. Scale your business 



As limiting financial commitments are in every company’s best interest, we’ll start here… 



1. Financial commitments 


When it comes to financial commitments the COVID-19 pandemic has created huge challenges for many businesses. With 76% claiming that they’ve lost significant revenue since the pandemic first started, businesses fear long-term financial commitments.


Finding an office space to rent that offers no fixed terms provides the security many businesses need in uncertain in times where long term financial forecasting can prove incredibly difficult.


Additionally with a no fixed term office budgeting becomes a breeze. Gone are the days of worrying about surprise bills and insufficient cash flow. With your all-inclusive monthly fee you're able to concentrate on the important things.



2. Flexibility 


It’s critical for any business to have flexibility, especially in the current post-Brexit and mid-pandemic climate.


No fixed-term leases give companies increased flexibility and can be vital to a business’s chances of survival. If you’re unsure of the future, finding an office space to rent that offers flexible contract terms with no fixed leases can be a game-changer. If your plans, requirements, or needs change then you’re covered.



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3. Scale your business


Most businesses would love to grow. However, to grow you need the space. Trying to calculate the right amount of space you need for your growing business when finding an office space to rent can be challenging, especially when you're restricted by fixed terms.


When renting an office space with no fixed terms your business has the option and flexibility to upscale or downsize to a suitable space that matches your business requirements. So, if business is booming or if you’re choosing to take on a more flexible working from home approach, this isn’t a problem.




Final note from HUB26 


At HUB26 we understand how important flexibility is for businesses in the current climate, that’s why we offer flexible contract terms with no fixed leases. This allows you to scale your space up or down to meet your changing business requirements, relieves financial anxiety and so much more.




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