Your Office Makes Your Staff More Productive, 8 Ways How

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HUB26 Offices Your Office Makes Your Staff More Productive, 8 Ways How

Working hard is a positive attribute but it doesn’t always lead to working smart and therefore productive. But when you combine hard graft with a better way of doing things, and in the right environment, then you can achieve dizzying heights.

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The 21st-century workforce has the benefit of electronic scheduling systems, mobiles and the ability to communicate to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Many of us still struggle to stay productive throughout the working day and are still searching for ways to drastically change this. 

According to Totaljobs, businesses lose out on £4,467 per employee each year due to workers being unproductive. One in ten employees admit to being unproductive for over four hours each day when working, so employers must find solutions to help their team combat this lack of productivity. 

Enhancing productivity is essential to business growth, yet the role of the workplace is an overlooked factor. Numerous studies have highlighted the significant effect an office environment has on employee productivity. Office-based employees are reported to be 50% more productive than their remote counterparts and one in two employees agree that their place of work enables them to become even more productive. 

As productivity is the heart and soul of a business, we’ve outlined 8 reasons how working from a business centre can make your staff more productive. 

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

  1. Workplace culture
  2. Employee recognition
  3. Teamwork 
  4. Communication 
  5. Away from distractions 
  6. Breaks 
  7. Accessible equipment 
  8. Office design 


Making your employees more productive starts by creating a positive and engaging workplace environment, so we’ll start with workplace culture...

1. Workplace culture

The power of workplace culture shouldn’t be underestimated. Making your workforce more productive starts with creating a positive and engaging workplace culture and environment. Not only does this keep your employees both healthy and happy, but this also keeps your organisation viable in the long term. 

Research has highlighted that company culture is directly linked to employee productivity. Culture can encourage employees to feel more connected, motivated and enthusiastic about their work, causing a rise in productivity. Also, happy employees are 12% more productive, and so as an employer, your workplace environment needs to reflect mental wellbeing. 

It’s far easier to build up and establish workplace culture in-person when working from a physical office environment, this is certainly more difficult to do when you’re a remote team.


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2. Employee recognition

Employees who feel valued and appreciated by their employer will become more productive. 79% of employees say that recognition makes them work harder, and 78% are more productive after being rewarded. If you want to keep your employees operating at maximum productivity, you should make an effort to encourage, motivate and reward them. 

This is less challenging when your team are working from a physical office, as managers can physically see their employees hard at work and can praise them upon the spot. Finding an office space to rent that your employees can work from makes it easier for you to track employee progress and targets, also problems that arise can be quickly resolved, instead of the long wait that is usually associated with remote working.

In a physical office environment, it’s easy to indicate the success of one employee to other members of the workforce, to cultivate a sense of fulfilment and motivate others. When your employees see that their co-workers gain rewards in exchange for working hard, they’re more likely to put importance upon increased productivity. This will also make them more engaged at work; companies with engaged employees have up to 2 ½ - 3 times greater revenues. 


3. Teamwork

Us humans are a very sociable bunch and working remotely can make us feel isolated and lonely as employees. In comparison, working as part of a team in the office can improve employee drive, focus and boost productivity. 

Being part of a team that shares common goals and depends on each members’ efforts to excel is enough to increase each worker’s productivity. Teamwork builds morale in the workplace, that impacts productivity and ultimately improves profits. 

Strong teamwork can expedite idea generation, distribute workload and establish a culture where every employee feels a sense of belonging and empowerment; in other words, it’s the fuel for results. The office creates the perfect environment for teams to foster, as your employees see each other every day, get to know each other and therefore trust each other more and work more effectively together. 


4. Communication

Good communication is integral to achieving a high level of productivity. A high level of communication is necessary to understand objectives, share ideas, take in information and give instructions, and this is the key to running your business smoothly and productively. 

Poor communication among remote teams is widespread, 88% of employees who work at home struggle with miscommunication due to the lack of face-to-face interaction. Remote workers may misinterpret tasks due to poor communication or feel confused about work set without the face-to-face clarity of the task with the option to ask loads of questions. 

Although remote employees can keep in touch with other co-workers through digital platforms, emails and video chat, this form of communication is not always ideal. It can take longer for employees to be responsive when working remotely, as unfortunately, it’s not as easy as walking over to another desk and getting an answer. Employees spend an average of 5 hours each week waiting to get in touch with their colleagues that have the unique knowledge and answers they need. 

In comparison, communicating with the team is a lot easier and more effective in the office. If employees don’t quite understand a task, all they have to do is walk over to their co-worker’s desk to seek clarity. Regular discussions in the office spark new ideas and creativity, finding solutions that wouldn’t be considered when working on your own from home. The office is the perfect environment for regular communication with co-workers, which is so important for maintaining a high level of productivity. 


5. Away from distractions

It’s much harder to stay productive when working from home, the distractions of home life (family, pets, a noisy environment, household duties and technological issues) can get in the way and can become harder to ignore when employees are surrounded by them throughout the working day. 

Almost a quarter of employees believe that by reducing distractions, productivity is boosted. Home-life distractions are limited in the office; the presence of other focused individuals who are working towards the same goals can only make your employees more productive. 


6. Breaks

You may skip breaks in the working day to become more productive, however, this isn’t a smart move. The secret to maximising your productivity is to work hard for short periods of time and then take frequent breaks to refresh your mind. 

Studies have found that employees who take a 15-minute break every hour or so end up being much more productive. Likewise, its also been found that even a small microbreak can increase productivity by up to 13%. These small breaks must allow for mind wandering, this may be walking, staring out of the window, listening to music or reading, or even having a quick catch-up with your co-workers, to renew energy and focus.


When working from home 29% of employees don’t take a break at all, even though 34% of remote workers believe that taking breaks is essential to remain productive. 

When finding an office space to rent, the structure of the working day encourages and allows for regular break times, for employees to keep productive throughout the day. Our HUB26 residents are lucky enough to have full access to our private luxury lounge, CLUB26, where they can get away from their desk, have a quick break and a cuppa and then return to the office feeling refreshed and more productive. 


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7. Accessible equipment

For your employees to be highly productive and for them to perform their duties efficiently and on time, they must have access to the right tools and equipment.

When working from home 40% of employees don't even working from a dedicated desk, and 56% are unable to bring the equipment they need home from their employer. A third of remote workers personally purchase equipment to help them to complete work remotely, with help from their employer. 

When finding the perfect office space to rent, all equipment is already provided and set up for employees to simply focus on getting things done.


8. Office design

Workplace design is usually overlooked when it comes to analysing the causes of low productivity. A well-planned workspace can make it easier for people to collaborate, complete tasks swiftly and efficiently and have a positive effect on wellbeing and engagement. 

Studies have found that natural light improves productivity, and spacious work spaces encourage movement and collaboration between colleagues.




Final words from HUB26 

Productivity is at the heart and soul of any business and is essential in heightening business profitability. The role of the workplace is often overlooked, even though research highlights that office-based employees are far more productive than their remote counterparts. 

Finding an office space to rent in a business centre like ours helps your employees to reach a high level of productivity, whilst they benefit from amazing facilities and an inspiring atmosphere, resulting in numerous benefits for your business.


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