COVID-19 Update: A Message From Your HUB26 Team

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Dear HUB26 residents, FIT26 members & anyone considering joining us,

Following yesterday evening’s announcement from the government, regarding the reintroduction of certain lockdown measures to parts of West Yorkshire, we would like to outline the safety measures and procedures we’ve put in place during lockdown prior to gyms being allowed to re-open:

  1. The gym was extended by 35% which has allowed us ample space to introduce social distancing.
  2. We created coloured training zones which clearly define your workout space.
  3. Each training zone is its own ‘mini gym’ with a fair allocation of equipment; creating a safe space to workout.
  4. The zones can accommodate up to 8 people to train at any one time, but we restrict this to 4 per zone to accommodate social distancing.
  5. A whole host of new equipment has been introduced to satisfy every member’s wishes and requirements.
  6. We have also created a magnificent outdoor workout space complete with our own running track, here we will hold classes for: Spin, HIIT, Body Sculpting and many more…
  7. We have partnered with the easy to use FitSense App so that members can book online and reserve their space in the gym prior to arrival.
  8. If you arrive without a booking you may still be able to train, subject to zone availability (please note that each session starts on the hour).
  9. The gym has been thoroughly deep cleaned & each zone has its own hand sanitiser & antibacterial spray to wipe down each piece of equipment once you have used it.
  10. Each session will last 45 minutes allowing us 15 minutes to re-clean the gym prior to other members arriving on the hour. Staff will be on duty throughout each session.

We appreciate that these measures are strict but our staff, members’ and residents’ safety is our primary concern during these unprecedented times.

In addition to these measures, prior to re-opening the HUB, every safety aspect of the building was presented to a Health & Safety Professor from Bradford University and certified.

We think (and hope you agree with us) that the HUB, including FIT26, is an amazing facility with an equally amazing community enjoying all we have to offer everyday. We are proud to support you by doing all we can to keep you safe whilst you Work, Meet and Play.

Yours faithfully,

Your HUB26 & FIT26 team